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Equity Internship

Our Firm

We are a global corporate finance boutique with the mission of unlocking high-growth innovators' full potential by making their access to venture financing frictionless. We are the preferred partner of Series A and Series B technology companies in the Americas, Europe and the Middle east. We consolidate a wealth of experience in capital markets transactions and corporate finance strategies.

Job Description

The Corporate Finance - Equity Internship is a 6-month program that provides an immersive experience in private markets and early-stage investing. Participants will engage in day-to-day activities of Venture investors and startup founders, receiving ECM and venture-specific training to develop skills in deal screening, startup analysis, and investment judgment. Additionally, an orientation will introduce participants to Aluna Partners' culture, benefits, and responsibilities.


This internship offers high-quality ECM experience through deal sourcing, due diligence, partner meetings, and deal-specific committees, allowing individuals to actively contribute and specialize in specific technology verticals, with the opportunity to support equity transactions until the closing stage.

Key Responsibilities

  • You will work as a key member of the equity fundraising team, supporting the senior partners with the end to end deal process

  • You will analyse financial, legal and tech data as part of the onboarding process

  • You will create a financial model and perform financial forecasting, capital structure optimisation, valuation and benchmarking

  • You will create the pitchbook and other deal-specific marketing material

  • You will research new investors that might be a good fit for the transaction

  • You will assist with the management of the CRM platform

  • You will monitor, track and regularly report the transaction performance

  • You will attend meetings with founders and investors during the execution process

  • You will be building relationships with global VC firms


  • Must have an organised and well-structured mindset

  • Must be capable of performing financial analysis & modelling, including DCF and Market Multiples valuation excercises

  • Must have a good understanding of corporate finance strategies and key financial metrics

  • Must be capable of effectively communicating investment ideas

  • Must have strong writing skills

  • Must be client-oriented

  • Must have strong analytical skills

  • Must have strong attention to detail

  • Must be capable of working effectively both independently and with multiple teams/individuals

  • Must be in 6-12 months to graduation from an accredited university with a major in finance background

  • Should be intuitive, intellectually curious, proactive and results-driven

  • Should be tech savvy

  • Should be good at multitasking

  • Should have a genuine interest in the private markets, ECM and Venture Capital areas

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