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Relationship Management Internship

Our Firm

We are a global corporate finance boutique with the mission of unlocking high-growth innovators' full potential by making their access to venture financing frictionless. We are the preferred partner of Series A and Series B technology companies in the Americas, Europe and the Middle east. We consolidate a wealth of experience in capital markets transactions and corporate finance strategies.

Job Description

The Corporate Finance - Debt & Alternative Financing Internship is available to those who have an interest in private debt and startup funding. This 6 months program is designed to fully immerse you in the day-to-day activities of private debt investors and management teams. The program includes DCM and venture-specific training designed to help you develop the skills necessary to screen the deal flow, assess different debt structures, and develop the skills critical to judging affordability. You will also receive an orientation where you will learn about the organization’s culture and the benefits and responsibilities of being a member of Aluna Partners.

Key Responsibilities

  • You will work as a key member of the Alternative Financing team, supporting the senior partners with the end to end deal process

  • You will analyse financial, legal and tech data as part of the onboarding process

  • You will create a financial model to assess the impact of different repayment structures on the company’s financial position

  • You will perform a credit analysis on the startup

  • You will create the pitchbook and other deal-specific marketing material

  • You will research new investors that might be a good fit for the transaction

  • You will assist with the management of the CRM platform

  • You will monitor, track and regularly report the transaction performance

  • You will attend meetings with founders and investors during the execution process

  • You will be building relationships with global VC firms


  • Must have an organised and well-structured mindset

  • Must be capable of performing financial analysis & modelling, including debt repayment plans with different structures, credit analysis and scoring

  • Must have a good understanding of primary rating methodologies

  • Must have a good knowledge of corporate finance strategies, key financial metrics, macroeconomic indicators, interest rates and FX markets

  • Must be capable of effectively communicating investment ideas

  • Must have strong writing skills

  • Must be client-oriented

  • Must have strong analytical skills

  • Must have strong attention to detail

  • Must be capable of working effectively both independently and with multiple teams/individuals

  • Must be in 6-12 months to graduation from an accredited university with a major in finance background

  • Should be intuitive, intellectually curious, proactive and results-driven

  • Should be tech savvy

  • Should be good at multitasking

  • Should have a genuine interest in the alternative finance and private markets

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