top of page closes successfully its pre-seed round for $500,000 with top global investors leading the round has announced today that the company successfully raised $500K dollars from global investors to finance their growth strategy across Latin America.

During the past couple of quarters, Rodrigo Alfonso - CEO of the company - has met with over 150 angel investors, family offices and venture capital funds, showing important milestones that prove product acceptance by global insurance companies and startups like e-commerce and fintechs platforms. Sekure's ambitious 24 months plan shows how the company aims to consolidate its growth trajectory in Colombia and Peru whilst penetrating some of the biggest Latam countries at the same time.


Sekure is an innovative InsureTech-as-a-Service provider that enables insurance companies and brokers to provide embedded insurance. Sekure is building the biggest network of embedded insurance in Latam with a single API. It combines its REST API capabilities and its insurance know-how to deliver a platform where companies can create, launch, and scale innovative digital insurance solutions in a far more time-efficient and cost-effective manner than the traditional insurance legacy systems could ever do.


Sekure allows insurance incumbents to achieve 95% reduction in cost to create digital insurance products, reduce 75% time to market and reduce the integration cost to distribution partners to $0, saving millions of dollars to insurance companies and distribution partners. Scalability of digital insurance, especially embedded insurance, is a 24B opportunity in Latin America,as the size of the digital insurance market in Latin America is expected to grow 10X by 2030. Taking into account the growth of many digital industries like e-commerce and fintechs that will use these digital insurance products.

Sekure establishes long-lasting relationships with large insurers and brokers, and it allows them to digitalise their infrastructure. Sekure also works with digital marketplaces, e-commerce companies and any kind of businesses interested in embedding insurance in their product offering to create a network of insurance products that can be embedded into third parties' customer journeys changing the way people and companies buy insurance. Rodrigo Alfonso, CEO and founder of Sekure stated “We are glad to raise sufficient capital to serve our insurance and distribution partners, because working with major brands such as, AXA Colpatria, Howden, Preveer, Andi Asistencia, Rimac, Fitpal, Juancho te Presta and Luego Pago, requires our product to be at the highest standards, more so, if now that we are expanding to othercountries in Latin America.


More importantly, we are very happy to have top investment firms by our side, such as Magma Partners, Inca Ventures, Proyecta and Brazil Venture Capital. Also we worked with Aluna Partners Ltd. who provided consultancy support along the process. They have been a trusted partner, hands-on, knowledgeable of the startup ecosystem taking the time to understand our business model and needs.


Sekure is building the biggest network of embedded insurance in Latam to change how people and companies buy insurance. We want to disrupt an industry that is lacking in innovation by creating the infrastructure needed to create, launch and scale digital insurance easily”.

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