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Asset-backed lending

Aluna Partners asset-backed lending team specialises in structuring complex financing solutions backed by cash-flow generating financial and real assets. Our bespoke terms are designed specifically for different types of assets and collection curves, supporting a wide range of clients operating in Europe, North America, Latin America and the MENA region.


Specialty Finance

Aluna Partners asset-backed lending team specialises in Specialty Finance opportunities. Our extensive experience in data analysis allows us to identify opportunities in Consumer Lending, SME Lending and Real Asset Financing. We structure Senior, Mezzanine and Unitranche facilities up to $50m in underlying collateral value.

Sourcing & Preliminary Analysis

Strong direct relationships with sellers and large institutional equity investors

Execution & Monitoring

Flexible, but tailored facility ramp up, coupled with monthly information reporting and underwriting assessment.

Structuring & Due Diligence

Mix of data analysis including back-testing and scenario analysis, asset-specific due diligence, and qualitative management team assessment at seller’s level


Deep relationship with large alternative credit funds that can support the underlying sellers to a much larger scale

Our Transactions

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