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Venture Debt

A trusted global partner for companies looking for non-dilutive growth financing

Why Venture Debt?

Bespoke terms matching specific needs

"Every company, sector, market and jurisdiction require tailored structuring. Whether it’s to bridge to the next equity round or to profitability, Aluna Partners global and diverse expertise allows the structuring team to design financing solutions aimed at supporting growth companies across all the verticals and markets covered

Dynamic financing for every phase

Growth requires adaptable financing solutions to support companies going through different phases up to pre-IPO. Aluna Partners has the expertise to support ever-changing companies throughout each stage of growth.

Aluna Partners has developed a strong track record in originating venture debt facilities for growth companies. Our strong ties with the Equity team allow us to establish deep relationships with growth equity investors and late-stage venture capital funds. We dynamically work with them to support management teams during difficult times and periods of rapid expansion.


Our structuring methodology has allowed us to design plug-and-play facilities that leave companies the freedom to plan their future without the pressure of overly restrictive covenants or pre-set repayment schedules. We are the preferred partner for those companies looking for a flexible, trusted and reliable partner.

Well-rounded methodology for successful execution

Our Transactions

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