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Managing Director

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Industry of expertise


mobility & logistics 


Victor’s experience leading M&A  and private markets transactions, structuring & incorporating VC funds, and leading business expansion across geographies, supports the ambitions of technology companies.


His experience leading open finance construction of ecosystems, his experience leading transactions in global banking and markets at top-tier financial institutions such as Santander and his experience working with fintechs in multiple jurisdictions allows Aluna Partners to have a knowledgeable perspective about the fintech industry and its evolution.


Also, through the management consultancy work developed for startup founders in mobility, media and health-tech, he has developed a deep understanding of these industries, their dynamics and capital structure needs. He holds an Executive MBA from the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Economics.

Victor is a part-time professor of fintech at the Universidad del Rosario’s Master of Finance. He is a frequent speaker on fintech-related topics and an avid writer for leading economics and finance magazines such as

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